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What's New in Electronics

Since 1981, What's New in Electronics has provided the professional electronics industry with a complete marketing vehicle. Fully integrating the New Zealand & Australian markets, its new product focus on components, design tools and test equipment has proved a success with advertisers and readers alike.

What's New in Electronics is available to readers throughout Australia and New Zealand free of charge, provided they register and qualify. All readers need to be a proven or potential purchaser of professional electronics products such as an engineer or manager.

Target Audience

All industries using electronic products and technology in manufacturing, design and service. Key industry sectors include: communications, industrial control, computers, white goods, general manufacturing, broadcasting and more. Qualified readership includes design engineers, middle/senior management, engineering management, and other purchasing influences.

Audited Circulation

As at March 2015 total CAB audited circulation (Australia):
4,685 readers (86% personally requested).

Contact Us

For further information on advertising options in this or any other Westwick-Farrow publication visit the Rate Card page, or click here to contact your nearest Westwick-Farrow account manager.